stock-14We provide the most advanced dental services at Camelot Family Dental so that we can provide our patients with supreme comfort and noticeable results. One of the great services offered by Dr. Cummins is Botox injections.

Botox is a surefire way to eliminate pain and to improve your overall appearance.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is injected into the muscles and decreases the release of acetylcholine. Botox reduces the contraction of the muscle or holds it still altogether. Botox allows overworked muscles to relax.

Botox lasts for around three months. The muscle will then return to its normal function without any problematic side effects.

Pain Relief with Botox

stock-11Because Botox allows the muscles to relax, it can reduce the pain associated with a stressed or tired jaw.

TMJ Pain Relief | Temporomandibular Joint Disorder pain is often caused by strained muscles. These strained muscles result in headaches, migraines, and soreness. Botox will give the muscles the break they need so that your headaches and pains can disappear. After a few treatments, the muscles may train themselves so that you can enjoy permanent pain relief without further treatment.
Bruxism Pain Relief | Bruxism, or the clenching and grinding of the teeth, results in stressed muscles. When the muscles are stressed, it may become difficult to eat or speak properly because of facial pain. Like with TMJ, botox can rest these worn out muscles and alleviate your discomfort.

Botox treatments can reduce or eliminate the pain associated with these disorders and many more. Come see Dr. Cummins to find out if Botox could be the perfect solution for you.

A Beautiful Smile with Botox

An added benefit of Botox is the cosmetic effect. Botox will smooth out the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Botox will give you a youthful and glowing appearance.

Come learn more about botox at Camelot Family Dental. Call us today to set up an appointment!